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Le Grand Bleu VERSION LONGUE 1080p DTS (Bluray-rip) – GAIA |WORK| ⛔

Le Grand Bleu VERSION LONGUE 1080p DTS (Bluray-rip) – GAIA |WORK| ⛔


Le Grand Bleu VERSION LONGUE 1080p DTS (Bluray-rip) – GAIA

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CodeLobster PHP Edition is a free portable handy and easy-in-use code. Le Grand Bleu VERSION LONGUE 1080p DTS Blurayrip GAIA.
| This project is intended to create a camera system for video-conferencing. and i couldnt figure out how to turn it off eitherâ the home button doesnt work. Le Grand Bleu VERSION LONGUE 1080p DTS Blurayrip GAIA.
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01.: Le Grand Bleu VERSION LONGUE 1080p DTS (Bluray-rip) – GAIA
Le Grand Bleu VERSION LONGUE 1080p DTS (Bluray-rip) – GAIA
Le Grand Bleu VERSION LONGUE 1080p DTS Blurayrip GAIA.
PIUS: Le Grand Bleu VERSION LONGUE 1080p DTS (Bluray-rip) – GAIA
Le Grand Bleu VERSION LONGUE 1080p DTS (Bluray-rip) – GAIAQ:

SQL Pivot query not showing all results

I am trying to display all the distinct paths the users have been created for but only the users who have the GEN_NO equal to 5.
With the below query, I have a result of:
HUB001 4
HUB001 5
HUB002 4
HUB001 6
HUB004 6
HUB002 7
HUB005 7

What I need to do is show all of the HUB_USER paths, including the ones from users with GEN_NO’s that I am not looking for. I have tried using UNION and JOIN but it is not working.
Here is the query I have so far:


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