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Igo My Way 1280×720 Apk Download

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. iGO 2018. iGO my way download 2014. APK: Download iGO-myway-facebook3-free-android-franchise. APK: Download iGO-myway-multiformats-version3-free-android-franchise. APK: Download iGO-myway-release-4-free-android-franchise.Q:

c# single to double variable

i’m trying to convert float variable to double variable.
but got error about casting.
if i double the value, it works fine.
What did i missed?
Im still learning.
c# code snippet
private void btnCalc_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
int sum = 0;
double result = 0;

double input;

//calculate the sum
foreach (TextBox textbox in this.Controls.OfType())
if (textbox.Text.Equals(“”))
MessageBox.Show(“Enter the first term. ” + textbox.Text + ” is not allowed. “);

sum += Double.Parse(textbox.Text);


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