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How do I use Hibernate Criteria API inside an EJB

I’m using EJB3.0 and I’m trying to use the Hibernate Criteria API, but I’m not finding the way to do it.
I tried the following piece of code:
Criteria criteria = session.createCriteria(MyBean.class);
List list = criteria.list();

I’m not getting my list in the list object, but I’m getting the count of the queries I used.
I also tried:
List list = session.createCriteria(MyBean.class)

This is not working neither.
Please help me understand how to retrieve data from my DB using the Hibernate Criteria API in an EJB.
Thanks in advance.


Okay, just found the solution for this.
List list = session.createCriteria(MyBean.class)



I’m pretty sure you want:
new_file = open(file, “w+”)

The + means you’re opening the file to append text, which is writing to the end of it, rather than overwriting it.
If you would like to overwrite it, you need to open with r+ mode:
new_file = open(file, “w+”)

The file object is a normal Python object and it’s given a default mode when you open it (in this case “w”)
If your file is empty, you could also check file.size before you open to avoid a FileNotFoundError:
if not os.path.exists(file):
raise FileNotFoundError(“%s doesn’t exist” % file)

it will also raise the same error, but you get some context to give a better error message

Uses Multiple video lenses to focus and stretch the image to fill the full screen of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

MyVideoSlider will let you to choose from 14 different transitions between any two images.

Share your work with the world by exporting a new photo album (or text, video or audio) or post it on Twitter or Facebook.

Very easy to use and configure. Just follow the instructions on the App Store to install MyVideoSlider.

Requires iOS 7.0 or later.

Set Off Button at the bottom. Use it to zoom out the image.

Choose your favorite transition between two images.

Crop the vertical content by using the crop button.

Set the vertical position of the image.

Adjust the horizontal scroll speed.

Choose to show the video over the image or vice-versa.

Choose the different image transition options.

Choose to fade the image in or out.

Adjust the fade transition duration.

Choose the Blur type (video blurring or still images).

Set the Blur intensity.

Create custom blur radius settings.

Set the video size (height).

Set the vertical position of the video.

Crop the vertical content by using the crop button.

Remove the video on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

And many more…

The download link for MyVideoSlider will be sent via email. Please note that a wifi connection is recommended to use this


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