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Feed And Grow: Fish V0.7.9 Skidrow Reloaded ((BETTER))

Feed And Grow: Fish V0.7.9 Skidrow Reloaded ((BETTER))

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Feed And Grow: Fish V0.7.9 Skidrow Reloaded

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ASL/KSL is the Official Web Page of the National Association of the Deaf (ASL/KSL) and is designed to bring you a range of information and programs for members. ASL/KSL also serves as an outlet for people who are deaf to express what deafness is all about, and bring a certain understanding of deafness to their hearing world.

The ASL/KSL Blog is a place where individuals who are deaf, speak for themselves about issues that matter to them. You can also access these people’s blogs from within ASL/KSL or visit their blogs directly at

Tuesday, July 13, 2012

After the Women’s Caucus meeting, and in an effort to improve the general club atmosphere, we are slowly starting a Friendly for the Deaf.

This organization will allow deaf people to find out about deaf friends that they didn’t know existed, feel comfortable about coming to the club, and will allow the club to help out the deaf community. We would like to bring in a deaf bartender, bartender/coffee shop person, hostess, park hostess, etc.

For more information and an application, please email either the Secretary of ASL/KSL or the President of the club or better yet, visit our website and fill out the application.

Sunday, July 4, 2012

This summer our main goal is to create a culture for our members as much as they can.


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