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Roblox.com is an online game platform and game-maker that allows users to write their own games and download games created by others. Notable games include immersive building simulator “Roblox Studio,” and fantasy sandbox “Roblox Kids.” Created in 2004 by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel, Roblox was released in 2006.
Roblox is a free online game that allows players to create their own worlds and play them with friends. Players can build virtual worlds with Roblox Studio or jump into games created by other players with Roblox. Players can use virtual toys to play games, create their own games, or explore worlds from Roblox. It is available worldwide and is free to play.
Own an iPad? Download the Roblox app to play all of Roblox in your pocket.
• Design and play games on your own or with friends and millions of people around the world.
• Easily design games, share them, join competitions and play in live events.
• Build your own game from scratch using Roblox Studio or start with a blueprint or character and build out what you dream.
• Bring your worlds to life using your own virtual toys, characters and game board.
• Own games: Customize your own games or download games made by other players
• Play games: Jump into games created by other players or build your own games from scratch.
• Explore: Explore worlds created by other players or start your own using a blueprint.
• Swap: Exchange items in games or visit the Swap Shop to get unique, virtual items
• Explore: Visit and explore all of the community-created games.
• Learn: Learn from game tutorials, gameplay tips, and game development workshops
• Chat: Chat with friends and other players
• Play: Play any game, any time, with anyone, anywhere.
• Create: Create a world, game, item, or character in Roblox Studio
• Chat: Chat with others in a private room, public chat, or private text
• Collect: Collect in-game items and add them to your inventory
• Watch: Watch movies and TV shows from the Roblox Movie and TV Show store
Roblox Lab Features:
Design Gameplay: You’ll have access to all of the features that help you create your own games:
• Create custom graphics and animations
• Design characters
• Play and test your game


Features Key:


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By using this Robux Generator, you are investing in our project at the same time. The amount of free Robux we will give to our users depends on how much you invest in this project. You can use the amount of money to buy BaoBao cards and other products as well as invest in unique Steam Wallet Gift Cards.
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Hello to everyone!
After the introduction of our website to the internet we have had an amazing response and the interest in our website is growing! We are constantly updating our website with the latest information about our service and we are slowly updating our gaming section by adding new features.
We are a professional website, founded by a team of reputable persons and only aim to help everyone out. Our team of professionals is made up of gamers, who originally experienced our lack of access to a free Steam Wallet while playing games and thus decided to help us and create an innovative service.
The new team have improved our website and added new features that are:
-We have added a new page on our website: “Help” section. This section will be keeping us updated about the latest news and events in our working group. You can read about the latest achievements, current work, and new releases on our “Help” section.
-We have added a contact page. You can contact us directly through our website and provide us with your feedback.
-We have added a FAQ’s page. This page will have a set of frequently asked questions that may arise for your convenience. We do our best to answer as many as we can in the section.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.
We are looking forward to continue our work by gathering all our community members and playing some games together in the future.
Thank you for your support!

Twillio says “reload this app” even after deleting the app

Twilio error says “reload this app” even after


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Click here to download a cheat sheet. (After you download this app, it will automatically open the app next time you open our website, make sure you open this app before starting our website. The cheat sheet is currently being revised.

Hide threads (easier for OP)

First you have to click in the top left of the thread box, then click in the down arrow at the right of the box, then click “Hide thread” at the bottom.

Support Roblox Staff

If you are an administrator, please verify your status.
We need people to verify themselves for security and safety

Click here

If you are a staff member, please verify your status.
We need people to verify themselves for security and safety

Click here


Robby the Roblox Robot: Free Bots

SpongeBob SquarePants in Skeleton Town by Gedali208



TreeTap – Originally a tree for Artoptix as a kid, I just put it to other purposes.

Flora’s TreeBot – These trees are just not a very good representation of a tree. This is based off the money one. In Scratch.

Gedali208’s tree bots:


Trees Bots






Pinball Bot:

Ez Top 3 Pizza’s: Just a pizza bot to the pizza store.

Pinball Bots:


The Roblox WarZone by Gedali208

Trees Bots:

Automatic Turtles.

Tree Bunch by Raingolix

Automatic Turtles:

Automatic Magnetic Lightning.

Automatic Windmill.

Gravity Warzone:

Auto-running Plant Family.

Creating Zombies.

“Gravity Warzone” glitch.

Mass Amount of Snake Bots

Jelly Mary-Orange by Gedali208

Clone Tweeny’s Plant:

Automatic vines.

Automatic Pushups, box jumps, shimmies, and dashes

FaucetBot: A faucet bot I made. It’s a red


What’s new in Free Robux No Ads:


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As children grow, they interact with the internet and their mobile phone, and the lessons learned during their childhood continue to play out as adults. These days most parents are concerned about the content children are exposed to on the internet. These tips will help you limit the harm and the damage your child is exposed to. There are some more questions to ask yourself to find the best balance between protecting your children and your own internet use.

-What do I want to teach my child? How do I want to raise them?

Children are different than adults. They are not logical. They are bound to enjoy the shock value of some things. What they learn about the world is going to be different than what an adult will learn. You can not teach them and expect them to grow up the same way you did.

Take your time and teach them to explore but do not let them have too much screen time. Take it slow and let them explore. Talk about why you are not allowing them to view this kind of content. This will help develop the capacity of reasoning about such things.

Many of us do not have the time to teach our children the best way to avoid these dangers. For many of us the lure of internet games for cash are too strong. So we need a tool to help get rid of these terrible temptations. The ultimate tool is your roblox accounts. Free robux is available from your roblox account so you can keep the account free and at the same time teach your child to be safe and responsible.

Young children have a terrible time learning how to deal with the world. They learn by watching and listening. They take what they like and reject the rest. Adults have a difficult time in the same situation. We struggle for days and days trying to teach the best way to act in situations we are not familiar with.

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Install the Apkfile via the Marketplace

Go to your Settings and use my App to get your ID

Find the download button and click on it

Now select the Version you want to use (I use Premium, but you can use the Free Version too)

Select all the permissions the apk wants

Now press the Install Button

Sign in with your apk details

Now you have to choose a workshop

Select the Game or Tutorials and press play!


This is the part where you set up your settings.

The permissions you used to select are: WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and SEND_SMS

This is what it looks like:



The tutorials are used for the Engineer, Miner, Farmer, Builder and Cartographer. If you want to build anything bigger than the completed tutorial, you will need to pay for building.com. The only thing you need is an iPad or Android device. There are quite a few tutorials to play, which usually take between 30 and 90 minutes. The Developer is updating the tutorials every week and adding more. Of course, not all of them are available right now, but there is most likely something in the pipeline for any of the other professions.

You can


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