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Zenonia 2 Iso Psp Download __EXCLUSIVE__ 🔄


Zenonia 2 Iso Psp Download

Minis have been released to PS Store weekly. Zenonia has the list of the week by week Minis.

User Comments (384)

Great minis, especially the first part of the series. Very little to no glitches I’ve seen, never had a problem with emu. I’ve never messed with the emulators so this all looks great. I’ve only read the first part of the comics, but I’m definitely playing that one next.

This game is so fun I am unsure of how it took me so long to play it. That being said, I do wish we could import the minis with the original ZENONIA ROMS, instead of having to install all new ones.

I got pretty sick of the pointless combat during the first part and then became obsessed with stealth and exploration and minis got less and less attention for a while. This is my favorite part (except for the first few minutes of exploration), and probably the only ones still on my mind.

Beautiful story and what a lovely musical theme. Still I ask myself if it is a game to be proud of or just a product of a crazy cult ( I mean Zenonia´s fanbase) with a very vocal support online. Yes, I hear voices from time to time in my thoughts when playing it, but I guess it is just me.

“It just started! The fourth child will be alive, and I am really impatient to see what she will do. ” *Crusz with the one eye actually made me laugh out loud. And the ending for those who were/are waiting for a new ZENONIA´s post like me.

i want more awesome content like this. Good job, keep up the good work.

I’m so sad this game is still so underappreciated on the PlayStation platform. It’s one of my favourite games and I really should’ve downloaded it when I had my PSP (I even have the game!) but I didn’t, I’m so mad at myself. But it’s too late now, I’m a little bit obsessed with it!

One of the only remaining places to get MEGA MAN NT so I’m going to play this one when I get home.

I wanted so much to be excited when this was released but I just couldn’t be. Of all the things I thought I’d be excited for I ended up playing this the most. But it really isn




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