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There is a funky little goblin known as Money Jelly. He is probably a lady goblin and when he transforms he changes his gender. He is a mean goblin, so watch out. He makes people disappear. The little beggars use him to steal the gold out of their coin purses.
The intelligent Monkey King has many disciples. They are also known as the 5 Great Kings. There are the 2 innocent rich ones who both have the same name:Shenghou Qi.
Can a chess prodigy find the 7 murdered Immortals and make it to the board alive?
Reseña del editor Joaquín Colorado, alpinista, profesor y guía de alta montaña profesional, nos ofrece un completísimo manual sobre todos los aspectos .
Have fun watching The Challenge by Red Bull. It has been crashed by the Air, Snow and Surf Police. Let’s check out what they found out .
How to watch Sohu TV. Topics include show information, TV schedule and programme guide. Here we are sharing the downloading method of channels.. How to watch India TV. Topics include show information, TV schedule and programme guide..
Dixon and The Man. Black Box. Information Pages – Dixon’s Hot Tub. Works for Dixon. There are no comments for this work.Q:

What is the difference between pointers and const pointers in C++?

We all know that in C and C++, pointers have the same
properties as the object they point to.
So what is the difference between them?


Pointers and references have two main properties:

they point to an object/variable;
they may be modified

Therefore, we have

pointers, which point to an object;
const references, which may point to an object (or they may not – they may only be modified and not dereferenced), but they cannot be modified.

But they also have at least two other important properties:

they have the same size (in memory) as the pointed-to object;
they can be treated as an object (or not, in case of references): i.e. a pointer can be dereferenced and the result (the pointed-to object) can be treated like an integer, or you can write printf(“%d”,


The hot water heater may not cause a problem as long as you don t fix it, especially if you check the flow rate with a. But seems like overloading controller logic in the model creates a huge maintenance issue as you have to test on all the possible combinations of the data you are going to be receiving etc.
One solution is to add data access logic in the model using the Repository/UOW pattern and place the shared data in a data cache like EF or NHProfiles but that means more refactoring effort.

My only suggestion here is to build more entities that will act as the glue between the domain and the model.

I prefer to decouple domain and model when it is possible (e.g. a list of items) as it makes it easier to test and promotes vertical/horizontal code splitting.

No, it will not but it would make your code more complicated and as I mentioned above it won’t be good.

Also what do you do for IoC when testing? Do you know if you can write external unit tests for your IoC container?

Yes you can and it is very common to do so. You can make a dependency provider class and pass it to your controllers as parameters so that you can easily mock out the dependency at runtime.


I need to know how to access c# console functions from c++ when hosting my console app in visual studio

Is there a way to access c# functions from c++?
I need to use the C# Console.ReadLine() function from c++ and I am aware that it returns a string but I need to get the actual user’s input.
I tried using the PInvoke (unsure what it is called) function CreateEvent.


Here’s the C++ PInvoke signature:
[DllImport(“kernel32.dll”, SetLastError = true)] static extern bool CreateEvent(IntPtr lpEventAttributes, bool bManualReset, bool bInitialState, string lpName);

The first three arguments are the event creation flags, the fourth argument is the name of the event. When the event is created, the name that has been given will be used in the thread message loop.
Once you’ve created the event, you need to manually set up the default input and output with _beginthreadex and _endthreadex


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