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If one of the games is cracked it would not matter if I continue to play it just until I finish with I would no longer be responsible for any of the things that happen.

Or using a language you don’t know to backup a cd…you don’t like the idea of using an unsupported language for that (gasp) but it’s the only way to get it working.

it is a big problem, but i think it is the right way. because of that, if you use software that has some cracks, it will be damaged if you hack. you should refuse to use software that includes cracks.
And you’re right. if i can use an unsupported language for that, so can you.

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I don’t know how to break laws, they just seem to follow me anyway.

I don’t allow cracks on my servers. I don’t like it. Though, if you don’t have time to properly support your server, maybe it is better to not allow cracks.

I rely on a moral compass and religion I don’t even have to look at.

I don’t like the idea of hacking. If you own a computer, you should take care of it. Hacking is not the right way. I think that it should be cracked only if it is an acceptable way, otherwise it should be clean installed.

Until we can all be counted among the living, counting the dead is doing the most good

as long as you do not have cracks on your server, you are fine. as long as you dont have cracks, its okay, as long as you dont have such a thing as “cracks” then its okay. if you do have cracks then i dont think the disk should be removed from your computer. thats for sure.

A virtual & boring world of drudgery and futility, we are all prisoners.

I’m open to some kind of compromise. The idea of a computer with a crack in it (apart from the application with the crack) is as far from appealing to me as it would be to stop the user from screwing his self out of something.

I’m open to some kind of compromise. The idea of a computer with a crack in it (apart from the application with the crack) is as far from appealing to me


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Is it the driver for a Broadcom NetXtreme 6620 (BCM5888) or is it the driver for an Intel x16 graphics card on Intel 915 or 945-GM chipsets (e.

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