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REPACK Elden Ring Serial Number SKiDROW CODEX [v 1.02 + DLC]


A fantasy action RPG featuring the unique RPG system developed by Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama and the concept and art of the acclaimed “Dragon Quest” series of games.

Controlling your character, enter a setting that is a paradise by day and a living hell by night where the rules of the fantasy world are just and you must find a way to reach the lair of the enemy’s monster lord.

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Let’s make the world a better place!

On a sunny day in a fantasy world of hope and love, there is a conflict between monsters and the people called the black serpent.

●The monster lord Kagero commands his subordinates who have descended on this world to control it. The people call him the Black Sword and have come together to oppose him with their love and loyalty.

In order to stop him, they have set out to defeat all of the monsters known as black swordsmen that appear in this world.

●★ The Main Characters & Black Swordsmen

Main character: 16 year old Hakkai Kaku

One of the people fighting against Kagero, he is the main character.

His father “Black Swordsman” Kaku is also fighting against Kagero.

Castle aside, he lost his mother when he was young and abandoned by his father, he has only a brother who is called the “Giant Rat”.

He is the strongest among the black swordsmen and can be called the “Black Swordsman”.

Tatsuya: R.A. Asaoka

Tatsuya is still a small child when this story starts, and also is Hakkai’s younger brother.

He thinks of his brother as a pet and is always scolding him, but in reality he is fiercely loyal to him.

Kirara: Takeshi Kusao

A kind-hearted and handsome man in his 30s, he is skilled with a greatsword and a longbow.

He is also a good fighter and can be called “the finest fighter in the country”.

He was once a war hero and is on good terms with Tatsuya.

Cicero: Seiichiro Ikeda

The oldest among the


Elden Ring Features Key:

    Although I’m an opening feature, the game will be able to continue even without it.
    Based on the feedback received from you, the players, I’m implementing various support to continue.

    You can clear the stage by flying from one place to another or more.

    There will be more ways to clear a stage.

    Dawn will be different from the previous gameplay. Surrounding the dark places and dungeons, treasures with high-value will be locked within!
    As a bonus, the creatures and NPCs also hold their own secrets in addition to the items of the storyline.
    Information that spirits have recorded in their hearts. They are affected by different things, and obtain knowledge from them.
    In online play, you will have a second way to explore that is different from the main story.
    While taking a stroll, you will be able to find treasures!
  • Attendants of the Goddess, they give you a new way to treat the equipment after it’s been gained.

    The mini-poster series “Eeru Vol. 0” will start from here!

    Witch Sara is a beautiful black haired woman and a powerful sorceress. She is of the lineage of the drake, and she moves around the land wearing a thick black cotton cloak.
    She never speaks, but her presence alone is enough to intimidate people. She wears an ominous perfume around her that contains a seal, and as soon as that is broken, a storm of lightning will take away your life.

    It’s getting harder and harder for the Rossum Corporation employees to protect its shareholders from the board of directors.

    On Wednesday, ex-CEO Wick Petkus admitted that he should have informed shareholders about the questionable business practices of the company.

    Between 1999 and 2001, the company sold more than 100 properties they owned to pay off previous debt and continue the expansion of its subsidiaries. While the executives at Rossum sold 75 properties for a reported total of $64.7 million, the shareholders never received any profit for the houses.


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    “The Wonderful World of ATV”
    “This game took me awhile to beat, but it was rewarding in the end. I feel that the steep learning curve wasn’t too much for players as beginners, and the game’s difficulty matched well as I got further into the game”
    “The graphics were really good, and the map was gorgeous. The art style in this game was really mature for a game this young”
    “The game had a lot of potential. Unfortunately, the game’s difficulty was very high, and there were some technical issues with the game, such as the slow load times. I really felt like this game was a let-down.”

    “An Excellent Decision to Use the STEAM platform”
    “I decided to try out the “Atelier Totaka Online” game on Steam. I thought that I would have a hard time using the “Atelier” game at first, because I had never used a digital version of a Japanese game before, but I ended up liking it.”
    “I was very happy to have found the “Atelier” series on Steam. They have a great story line and an incredible adventure in which the characters develop. The graphics were very good, and it was really easy to get accustomed to this interface”

    “The Interface Wasn’t Perfect but it worked Like a Charm”
    “I had to try this game out a few times before playing it, but I thought the interface was easier to use than other online games. I think this game has a good story, but it was difficult to find out what will happen next”
    “I recommend this game. I’ve played online games for quite a while, and this game was the best of the bunch that I’ve tried.”

    “A Recommended Game for Anyone into Fantasy Games”
    “I feel that this game has so many good points. The character design was really cute, the graphics were really good, and the game is just an all-around good RPG”
    “I think that this game was a good addition to the gaming industry, but I think that the interface was lacking.”

    “Is it a Game or an Entertainment?”
    “I really wanted to


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    Game Creation Manga Volume 1

    – A detailed explanation of the game world!

    – An introduction to the lore, the characters, the story, and the major powers.

    – What kind of enemies you will encounter.

    – What kind of weapons you will equip.

    – What kind of magic you will learn.

    World Map of ​​the Lands Between. Legend The Void The Lands Between are a vast, mysterious land that lies between the lands of Oblivion and Eberron. A strange drama, a thousand years long, is played out there as mortals fight for their very existence against the forces of evil. The greater this drama grows, the further it goes into the dark. And the dark will try to close the great imbalance. The warm lands of Oblivion, on the other hand, are the scenic, peaceful lands that thrive as human civilization thrives. The Lands Between flow in two directions: The great stream of Oblivion, where merchants travel up and down the rivers, and the lesser stream of Eberron, where the adventurers head west. But for the troubles to come, the two worlds are deeply intertwined. Many of the heroes who challenge the forces of evil in Oblivion and Eberron pass through the Lands Between to travel to the other land. The adventurers who enter the Lands Between gain great insight into the darker forces of the world. The Lands Between is a vast, mysterious land. It could be the source of the great war that engulfed the world, or it could be the resting place of the dead. Who knows for sure? All that is certain is that it is here that they rise as if to claim their destiny. Myths are born here, and also the lands wither and grow old. Myths are born here, and also the lands wither and grow old. It is here that the living and the dead meet. It is here that great heroes are born to serve Eberron and Oblivion. Legend Books of Oblivion

    ◆ 「Alchemy」 was released.

    ◆ 「Fortress」 was completed.

    ◆ 「Crimson healing Blade」 was released.

    ◆ 「Arrow of invisibility」 and 「Silent Steel」 were released.

    ◆ 「Shadowchase」 and 「Skybreak Witch」 were released.

    ◆ 「Miner’s Steel」 and 「Watcher’s Claw」 were released.

    ◆ 「Shadow Chase」 and 「Skybreak Witch」 were released


    What’s new:

    House of Text

    WAPPING TOPS! A concise demonstration of the nuances of the real engine, the moment it sparks to life, through remastered first-person games.

    AmémekokuFri, 13 Jun 2019 17:16:39 +0000

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