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Headaches With the Weight Loss Surgery High Protein Diet

Why do we suffer from headaches when we transition from a high-processed carbohydrate diet to a high protein diet? Many weight loss surgery patients are asking this. Actually there are several reasons for headaches when abiding a high protein, low carb diet. More importantly, there are a few little things …

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External Factors That Influence Our Eating Habits

Advertising – Advertising affects our nutritional choices. The messages we hear influence our choices, and in both negative and positive ways. Some of the advertisements bring some knowledge about the importance of some nutritional elements, such as vitamins and minerals. They can also give us inaccurate information. These visual messages …

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History of Obesity and Historical Trends of Becoming Overweight

Obesity is the medical condition in which the body stores enough excess fat to pose a health risk to the individual. The term obesity derives from the Latin obesitas, which comes from ob (over) and edere (to eat). The first documented usage was in 1611 by Randle Cotgrave. Although, the …

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