Weight Loss Surgery at Mexico Bariatric Center – Full Experience | My Gastric Bypass Journey

I had a Gastric Bypass on December 1, 2020 at Mexico Bariatric Center in Tijuana Mexico. This is my full experience, from flying in to flying out, with weight loss surgery at MBC and my first experience with medical tourism. It was an entirely new experience for me and something I probably would never have considered seriously in the past. So what really happened while I was in Mexico? Great care, amazing customer service, extremely safe and attentive individuals considering the COVID-19 situation. All around top-notch and I would recommend it to anyone who is on the fence about bariatric surgery in Mexico.

If you’re interested in the footage I took on the trip and in the hospital, you can watch my Travel & Surgery Vlog here: https://youtu.be/KyKFPiYnZCs

* This video is for general information and to share my experience only; it is not intended to offer medical advice. Always consult your physician and surgical team for medical information. *

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