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Adult Diapers Offer Variety and Protection

There are various types of adult diapers available on the market, which are designed to deal with urinary incontinence on its own or with both urinary and fecal incontinence. These diapers come in a variety of brands and features to suit the varying needs of users. A person suffering from incontinence should learn about different diapers and other incontinence products available before deciding on the best product for him. Here is a list of the various types of adult diapers.

• Briefs: A brief is an adult diaper that has side tabs for fastening purposes. Briefs are contrasted to pull-ups which are pulled on or off as one would regular underwear. There are various types of briefs, including those with a backing made of a cloth-like material or of plastic. There are briefs that can be refastened while others cannot, and there are briefs for day and overnight use.

• Briefs with a backing made with a cloth-like material are the most common. They are rustle-free unlike briefs that have a plastic backing, and are thus more discreet.

• Briefs with plastic backing are relatively noisy, and this serves to lessen their popularity.

• Briefs with tabs that can be refastened are easy to remove and adjust since the tabs can be fastened and refastened as often as one wants.

• Briefs with tabs that cannot be refastened can be fastened only once. This may be a drawback to some people, although the briefs are usually cheaper than the other types.

• Briefs for overnight use are usually among the most absorbent as they are designed to provide leakage protection throughout the night. People with high levels of incontinence can also opt to wear these briefs during the day too, due to their extra absorbency.

• Briefs for day use are less bulky and less absorbent than those designed for nighttime use. As such, they tend to be more discreet and help the user maintain his freedom.

• Bariatric briefs are designed for plus-sized people, and can accommodate waist sizes that are very large.

• Pull-ups: These are worn like regular underwear and do not have any side tabs. They are easier to remove and put back on than briefs; for example, when one goes to the bathroom. As a result, they are a very popular with users.

• Pull-ups with tabs that can be refastened are a hybrid product that combines features of a pull-up with those of briefs. The tabs are provided to enable their easy removal by simply tearing away the sides. They can also be removed by being pulled off like underwear.

• Reusable adult diapers: These are made of cotton or cloth-like material which allows them to be washed and reused as one would with one’s regular underwear. These diapers provide for all levels of absorbency, from light to moderate to heavy. They even have absorbencies that can handle overnight incontinence. In terms of cost, the reusable diapers are more expensive than their disposable counterparts. However, over the long-term, they end up being much cheaper solution since they are a one-off cost while the disposable adult diapers are a recurrent one.

• Belted undergarments have an absorbent core that is attached to an adjustable belt. These undergarments are meant for users who are differently shaped or who are plus-size.

• Fecal incontinence products provide protection against both fecal and urinary incontinence. The products contain some pockets that hold the fecal matter and keep it from leaking.

• Swim diapers are a type of adult diaper that guards against fecal incontinence when the wearer is out swimming.

With 13 Million Americans suffering from urinary incontinence, it helps to know that there are adult diapers on the market for every body type. Choose gender-specific options as they are designed differently with the amount of absorbency protection offered in the right areas. Sizing is another thing that you must be aware of when selecting incontinence products.

























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