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Before & After Penis Enlargement Photos – Are These Huge Gains in Penile Size Really So Incredible?

One of the best ways to influence someone to purchase something or to get their interest is to show “before and after” photographs. These photos show actual “proof” of real, physical, and tangible evidence that a change has certainly taken place. These types of ad campaigns were most common with weight lifting and diet products in the past. However, a new kind of “before and after” scenario has rolled into town.

In the past, one of the problems with the diet pill ads was that the people who were being utilized for the photographs, in a lot of instances, actually had surgery to help them with their weight loss. Portions of their stomachs were cut out to make them smaller. This would decrease the amount of food a person’s stomach could hold. Then, when eating, the person would get the feeling of being “full” with much less food. When the body feels “full” it doesn’t trigger your hunger reflex to eat more. So the end result is that weight is shed, because it helps decrease one’s craving for food.

When these types of before/after diet photos were used in magazines they didn’t have to put any disclaimers on them. Of course, this was considered fraudulent and misleading once the truth was told. So if you look at such images in magazines today, if the person has lost weight through methods other than what is being promoted with the product, the company has to state so.

Such is not the case with the Internet. One of the reasons is that it is near impossible to monitor all of these claims.

Penis enlargement products also jumped on the bandwagon with these before/after shots. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words and two pictures of a man’s penis – one smaller and then one bigger – is worth a million words and a million dollars. Hence, the before/after shots.

How real are they? You don’t have to be a digital art expert to notice the increased pixelation in the “enlarged” photos. Of course, with Photoshop miraculous changes can be made to photos that are nearly impossible to detect for the average person. However, in most cases, a few minutes of comparison is all that it takes to see that the “After” penis is, indeed, larger than the “Before” penis. But this enlarging process was done via computer enhancement and not with actual, real-life enhancements.

Not all photos have been “doctored.” There are some that show viable and tangible evidence that normal penile growth did occur. Just take a moment to decide for yourself if the photos are reflective of true growth increases or not.

The best thing to do when shopping for a penile-enhancement product is to simply use common sense. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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