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Beating the Postpartum Weight Loss Blues – Part 1

The frustrations of weight loss after baby … where to begin? You want to exercise. Not likely you'll do it before your baby's 5 am feeding or after the 11 pm feeding. You need to eat healthy but do not have the time to cook nutritious meals. You're trying to diet but the scale is not budging.

On the bumpy road of losing weight after baby, there are lots of postpartum potholes. You've been tempted more than once to just give up! But before you pull over and call it quits, consider these ideas for beating the weight loss blues:

1. Think of the people you are doing it for. You want to be healthy for yourself, your husband and your kids. Look at a photograph of your family. Really look at them. Ask yourself this question, "Are you giving them your very best?" Whenever you need extra motivation to eat healthy and exercise, look at that picture again. It will mean the world to the people you love most if you're healthy and full of energy.

2. Keep a journal. Write down why you want to lose your baby weight. Whenever you're discouraged, read these reasons loudly. You can also use your journal as a place to vent. Jot down all your frustrations. It will be a mini-catharsis that will make you feel a lot better.

3. Lean on your accounting partner. In the Lord of the Rings, Frodo would not have made it to Mordor without the help of Sam. You need someone to cheer you on and get you back on track whenever you're tempted to quit.

4. Take a break from obsessing over it. I remember one day a few months after having my baby, I felt so frustrated by having to count calories and record what I was eating. I was hungry and mad. I needed a break. So when my kids were napping, instead of doing laundry or email, I went to my room and read in bed. I had not done that in months. Just switching channels and doing something relaxing cave me the perspective I needed to continue.

Today's Action Step: Which of these four things will you do today to encourage yourself?

Coming next … Beating the Postpartum Weight Loss Blues – Part 2










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