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Why You’re Doing Everything Right and Still Not Losing Weight

You’re watching what you put in your mouth. You’re exercising more. You caught onto the fact that sleep is important. You still can’t get the scale to move. If that’s your story, keep reading. There are five things that could be imposing on your ability to lose weight. They play a bigger part of weight loss resistance after midlife than they ever have before.

1. You really don’t know what to eat.

What was labeled as healthy once might no longer be true at all and potentially not for you. First, you’re getting so much information that conflicts what you knew it’s hard to pick a lane and stay in it.

Second, the quality of our soil, the methods we use to harvest foods now, then ship them, and store them even before so-called fresh produce reaches you means foods we eat have lost their nutrient density.

Last, what’s true of you may have changed. You may have been eating wheat bread for years but because of the quality of it or a leaky gut from stress or other food sensitivities you can’t eat it now.

The answer is to test. You test you. There’s no better way to know.

2. You exercise too much or too little or both.

Most women are making the mistake of too much aerobic activity or too many classes that offer a little of this and a little of that. There’s no purpose to workouts. There’s not adequate recovery between.

Women need more spurts of high intensity intervals one or two times a week and no more. Women also need heavy weight training for a few sets and exercises twice a week. Hour-long classes full of light weights and many repetitions may make you tired but not better.

You want to shift from trying to burn the most calories to balancing hormones with your exercise. They control weight loss and gain.

3. You are too stressed.

Believe it or not if you’re eating right, exercising, and getting adequate sleep but your stress level is through the roof you will have a hard time getting your body to release fat.

Cortisol makes fat cells grow, fat storage more likely, and fat burning impossible. It’s time to take a look at what you’re doing not just to reduce stress but to cope with it.

Add joy to your life. You’re not going to get away from stress but you can learn to be more resilient about it.

4. You aren’t absorbing enough nutrients.

Even if you’re eating them, which would be really hard to do in a single day, there’s a strong chance that something about your lifestyle depletes you of nutrients. Stress, lack of sleep, certain preferences of eating and even exercise deplete us of nutrients.

If your gut is not in great shape due to food sensitivities, you have an even worse problem. Leaky gut is causing your body to fight against itself. Internal inflammation will make you weight loss resistant.

Your body is like a machine that needs all the cylinders firing to work. With too little of even one nutrient you set yourself up for breakdown.

The good news is that while food is the problem it’s also the answer. You can improve with a few tweaks in nutrition.

5. You’re actions are random.

You don’t have to plan every meal down to the ounces. You don’t have to have a drill sargent trainer. You do, however, have to have some basic rules about living and knowing what makes you feel 100% you.

Then you can cope at a restaurant or as a guest in someone else’s house. You can call it a night when your body needs to start it’s sleep cycle. You can exercise to get stronger and gain energy instead of for punishment and calorie burning.

You need to treat yourself as unique and do a little testing to find your answers. You can absolutely make it easy to lose and keep weight off at any age.

























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