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How to Correct Female Breasts After Weight Loss

Although weight loss procedures are generally much appreciated by all women, they have a number of undesirable side effects. One of them is a bad appearance of the breasts. In many cases it is even necessary to resort to breast surgery in order to make the “deflated” breasts look as good as other parts of the body.

In the process of aging breasts change their shape because the firmer glandular tissue is replaced with fat. A major weight loss can have the similar negative influence on the person’s appearance and cause the feeling of discomfort or dissatisfaction. Women usually require two types of surgery, breast lifting and breast augmentation.

1. Breast lifting surgery is the most common procedure after female weight loss.

Fast significant weight loss lessens skin elasticity, which is especially noticeable on the breasts as their skin is considerably thinner. Breast lift surgery is called mastopexy. The main purpose of this type of breast surgery is to remove the excess, flabby skin. With the help of this procedure, the shape of the nipple and the breast tissues becomes more youthful. Moreover, breasts look and feel more supple just like before a woman lost excessive body weight.

The operation strategy is built according to every person’s needs and desires. Most patients after weight loss need to have some skin removed around the nipples and areola and on the breast itself. However, the type of incision is decided individually. Occasionally, it is even possible to remove skin only in one area, which is preferable because it results in fewer scars. Though it is hardly the case of people with a really big weight loss as their skin laxity needs more care and attention.

This surgery can cause some pain that lasts for a few weeks. Patients can return to work after about a week and resume all their usual activities 3-4 weeks later.

2. Breast augmentation surgery can also be required after female weight loss.

It is not only the breasts skin that is negatively affected by major weight loss. Even the breast tissue changes from full to flaccid. In the process of breast augmentation surgery, the breasts restore their original volume with the help of breast implants. There are different considerations for this breast enlargement method. During the operation small incisions are made in the breast fold, underarm and around the areola. The implants can be placed under the breast tissue or under the breast muscles. Women who lost excessive body weight usually have the implants put under the muscle as it looks more natural.

During this type of surgery either a twilight or general anesthesia is used and the operation itself lasts one or two hours. Reasonable post-operative pain is usually cured by oral medication, and the sick leave lasts for 7-10 days.

Many medical professionals and experts have an unfavorable opinion of breast surgery. The fact is that there are certain health risks in these surgical procedures. Silicone gel implants have lost their popularity because of the medical controversy, and now most doctors choose implants with saline solution.

The best way to find a safe and effective treatment for your breast problem is to ask for advice in specialized weight loss forums. It is likely that women who had the similar experience will be able to recommend you a natural solution, which will help improve your breast appearance at least to its pre-weight loss state. Those who have already found a way to achieve a full and firm bust after it looked unattractive will gladly recommend you the product they used, for example, breast enhancement pills or lifting gels. If you rely on the real users’ advice, you are likely to solve your problem fast and easy.

























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