Nurse practitioner who had bariatric surgery helps others on their weight loss journeys

A local nurse practitioner at MultiCare hospital wants to help patients struggling with weight loss by sharing her journey of using bariatric surgery.

“The surgery absolutely changed my life,” said Katie Hawley.

Hawley says losing weight has been challenging, as ever since she was a teenager, she couldn’t take part in her favorite outdoor activities because of her weight.

“I have gone through a lot of trial and error in regards to lost weight without having to go to surgery, and then met with doctors here at MultiCare really felt like the surgical option is going to be the best option,” she said.

Hawley made the decision to get bariatric surgery in 2020, and she says it changed her life forever.

She transitioned her medical specialty from cardiology to bariatrics to help more patients struggling with their weight.

“I just feel like my inside matches outside. I get to do all the things I would love to do. Really the best of me having this surgery is I get to work what I love to, I always thank patients for letting me be a part of their journey because it’s a very personal journey,” she said.

Side effects from the surgery may include changes in hormones.

“There are patients we would call non responders, that’s not necessarily patient issue. Maybe we didn’t choose the right surgery, or there are other extenuating factors, that’s why it’s important for patients to think of this as a lifetime commitment,” Hawley said.

Patients are also asked to set up a consultation with a bariatric surgeon first to see if you’re healthy enough for the procedure.

They should also be aware that after the surgery, eating large amounts of food and smoking cigarettes won’t be options.

Hawley says insurance coverage up to a year is required.

“We do everything that we can pre operative and post operative period to prevent complications, so I think people can trust in that process,” she said.


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