Clothes After Weight Loss & Body Dysmorphia After Weight Loss Surgery

Clothes After Weight Loss & Body Dysmorphia After Weight Loss Surgery
What is Body Dysmorphia? How does BDD impact bariatric patients before and after weight loss surgery? Today, we’re tackling a bigger VSG issue that deals with extreme weight loss and mental health. I’m also taking you into my closet to show my my clothes after weight loss and how I’m romanticizing my mornings with ASOKO lighting. Come on in for a real chat!

I’m open for clients pre and post-op for the first quarter of 2023! My current packages include:
– The Minnie: 4 weeks with 1:1 & sample curricula
– The Wonder: 12 weeks designed for pre into post-op clients 1:1 AND small group support weekly with integrated curricula
– The Coronation: 12 weeks post-op only, small group calls weekly

Please email if interested!

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ASOKO Lighting:
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Protein Recommendation:
Uba Portion Plates (use code chelsea for 10% off)
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