How Bariatric Surgery Can Help with Weight Loss with Dr. Fuller and Dr. Fujioka | San Diego Health

According to the CDC, about 40 percent of Americans are obese or have too much body fat. Losing weight with bariatric surgery can help reduce the risks associated with being overweight. Endocrinologist Dr. Ken Fujioka and bariatric surgeon Dr. William Fuller discuss the rise of obesity, how bariatric surgery can help those who struggle with weight loss and more. Learn more:

1:03 – What causes obesity? Why is obesity on the rise?
2:42 – What causes childhood obesity?
3:15 – How do you know if you’re severely overweight?
3:39 – What medical conditions can obesity cause?
4:20 – Can obesity cause stroke?
4:30 – Can obesity cause cancer?
5:05 – What are the medical costs of being overweight?
5:47 – Do weight issues affect one group more than others?
6:42 – Why is it harder to lose weight as we get older?
7:15 – Do genetics affect your weight?
8:36 – How can you lose weight if you’ve struggled with it all your life?
9:18 – Which diets can help with weight loss?
10:26 – What is bariatric surgery?
11:05 – What is gastric bypass surgery?
11:34 – What is gastric sleeve surgery?
12:03 – Is bariatric surgery minimally invasive?
12:51 – What is the recovery time for bariatric surgery? When do you see results after bariatric surgery?
13:19 – What is the success rate for bariatric surgery?
14:20 – Who is a candidate for bariatric surgery?
15:23 – What are the risks of bariatric surgery?
15:57 – What are the side effects of bariatric surgery?
17:10 – Is there certain criteria you have to meet before getting bariatric surgery?
17:47 – What is binge eating?
20:30 – When should you consider weight loss surgery as an option?
22:25 – Is there anyone who is not a candidate for weight loss surgery?

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