Transformation, Weight loss, muscle gain, recovery from surgery, avoid complicated surgeries

A complete life changing journey.

This was a 6 months challenging transformation, which was successfully achieved.

The client was 24 years old and lived overseas. He had unsuccessful Bariatric surgery and abdominoplasty for weight loss.
The recovery from the surgery was over a year long, which caused him severe functional scoliosis this was because of prolonged bed rest and seating position.

Scoliosis in his upper spine caused him severe back pain, due to which he had to seek medical advice, he was offered spinal fusion using rods, which would have stayed in his body for life.
This Surgery could have caused him further complications, such as movement restrictions and lifting heavy weights. Not to mention the cost involved for the surgery ($170000).
He refused the surgery and wanted to find an alternative treatment.

This is where the Power of Training plays a big role, by combining Osteopathy and Personal Training we achieved this amazing result.
When we started he wasn’t able to lift any weight and by the end of the 6 months, he was able to lift weights 120kg, push 140kg and carry dumbbells 40kg in each hand.

The client can now live a life without pain and restrictions.

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