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Different Types Of Bariatric Surgery For Extreme Weight Loss

Gastric Bypass Cost – Surgery Trends & Price in Mexico, Costa Rica & India

Gastric bypass surgery is a very cost effective way to loose weight. A BMI of 40 or more is a good indicator that you may be a candidate for a gastric bypass surgery. The cost of gastric bypass varies between different hospitals & locations. Mexico, Costa Rica & India gastric bypass price are about 50% less that the USA, even considering the money spent for the medical trip. The cost of gastric bypass surgery is usually higher compared to the other popular bariatric surgery, the lap band.

Unless it is medically necessary, insurance companies do not pay for a gastric bypass surgery. This trend may be changing with some insurance companies are beginning to see obesity as a serious health disorder and cause of other serious illness. For most patients, the gastric bypass cost is far outweighed by the advantages that the surgery can have. Some of the advantages of resulting weight loss from gastric bypass surgery are: reversal of life threatening diseases like type II diabetes, heart disease prevention and cancer risk reduction and psychological benefits.

Research shows that experienced surgeons and hospitals greatly reduce the risks associated with a gastric bypass surgery. The success of the surgery also depends upon post-operative changes in eating habits. Exercising regularly after the surgery is also recommended & helps patients lose weight more rapidly. Not following the doctors post operation instructions might result in no or very less benefits.

Majority of the gastric bypass surgeries nowadays are done via a minimally invasive technology (laparoscopic) that speeds recovery & reduces pain and scarring. In some cases a plastic surgery may be required due to droopy skin from the weight loss. The requirement for plastic surgery is known after a year or more after the gastric bypass surgery has been performed.

After a gastric bypass, about three fourth of the patients loose about 75% of their excess body weight. The surgery causes nutrient and calorie restriction that results in weight loss at a very rapid pace. The surgeon creates a small pouch that is attached to the small intestine thus bypassing the stomach.

Bariatric surgeries have been performed for decades in the United States and abroad. When diet, exercise, creams, pills and other non-surgical methods fail, an increasing percent of people turn to bariatric surgery.

Gastric bypass surgery cost in the United States varies depending upon the experience of the doctor, location & complexity of the surgery. The average cost is 25,000 dollars, for a two hour surgery. The results are permanent & the patient can be back to work in about three to six weeks time after the operation. The gastric bypass cost in Mexico (Juarez & Tijuana), Costa Rica(San Jose) & India(Mumbai & Banglore) is significantly less. Following are some price quotes.

* India US $9,800

* Mexico US $11,990

* Costa Rica US $11,500

Medical Tourism website has an exclusive section for bariatric surgery. In this section, you can visit the sub section on affordable cost of gastric bypass. This section provides details on the cost of bariatric gastric bypass surgery in different overseas locations.



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