Gastric Sleeve Surgery with Dr. Salvador Ramirez. Tijuana.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery with Dr. Salvador Ramirez. Tijuana.

Affordable and best quality weight loss surgery in Mexico.
Dr. Ramirez is a board-certified surgeon with over 14 years of experience with advanced specialized training in laparoscopic, endoscopic, and bariatric surgeries.

Alo Bariatrics is a renowned Obesity Surgery Center offering its patients proved and comprehensive Bariatric Programs in Weight Loss Surgery. Guided by Lead Surgeon Doctor Alejandro Lopez, Alo Bariatrics the Surgeons and Staff provide the attention to every Patient from Pre-Op through Post-Op. Alo Bariatrics provides full-service weight loss solutions with 3 locations in Tijuana, Guadalajara, and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
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