One-derland! Down from 400 pounds!

When your weight starts with ‘1’ you’ve reached ONE-derland. I havent weighed less than 250 lbs since the late 1980’s.
17 years after gastric bypass surgery! I finally broke my weight-loss plateau.

Want to read my INCREDIBLE story? My book gives you the raw details about my first year after bariatric surgery!
Read my first book ‘Diary of a Fat Girl: How I Lost 140 Pounds, Overcame Binge Eating Disorder, and Learned to Love Myself After Weight Loss Surgery’ in paperback, Amazon Kindle, and the audiobook on Audible is ME reading it TO YOU!

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On Prof Lisa Sargese we will go through emotional eating and how to heal it, food sobriety, and what I’m learning in Al-anon one day at a time. Stay tuned for the latest on my current thought diet and weight loss transformation to inspire you on your own weight loss journey and and your path in overcoming addiction.

Let me help you to de-stress and relax with mindfulness. I’ll guide you with an easy, Hypno-meditation that can bring relief from anxiety, ease painful emotions, and help with overcoming overeating, codependency, and addiction.

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